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Chris Mitchell FCSD, trading as Epic Icons, is recognised internationally by the leading design and branding houses as a major contributor in the development and execution of some of the world‘s most familiar Illustrative brand and corporate identity icons. Many have become global classics of our time.

‘Illustration encompassing a design process where craft is not compromised.’

D&AD multiple award winner
Design & Art Direction

Glenglassaugh Scotch Whisky Brand logo
Glenglassaugh Whisky. Client: Tayburn - Scotand

Process and the importance of craft investment

The creation of original work is fundamental

Chris Mitchell trading as Epic Icons believes in the need to keep craft skills alive through creating original, beautiful illustrative logos. This means that the temptation to create hybrid logo designs, perhaps copied in part from other third party reference sources, never need become a reality, even where budgets and time may be restrictive.

At the end of the day, if the project is worth doing, it is worth doing well, especially when you compare the relatively small investment required for high craft to the much larger distribution and production costs often attributed to a new product launch or brand identity refresh.


Featured Case Studies

The creative development journey uncovered

Once Chris has completed a chosen line sketch that best answers the client's brief, he will move onto developing and refining the illustrative marque following a tried-and-tested design development process.

Viewing featured case studies helps to demonstrate how an illustrative brand marque project evolves from the initial exploration sketch idea through to final master artwork creation.

The benefit and importance of the early exploration sketches cannot be stressed enough.

It allows minds to focus on the merit of a chosen concept idea efficiently, in subject and content without the distraction of judging illustration style and detail too early.

Virgin Australia Brand Livery
Virgin Australia Flying Lady. Client: Hulsbosch - Australia


For brands big and small

Whether it's working closely with international brand design houses, smaller regional design groups or creative individuals, Epic Icons goals are the same. To produce memorable individually crafted illustrative work that ticks all the right boxes for our clients.

Brand icons for a wide spectrum of industries

Epic Icons is proud to have worked on a multitude of branding projects, whether it has been to create an illustrative brand identity: for a new drink product, a major sports brand, premium retail companies, a state or government institution both here in the UK or overseas. As expectations are high, these sort of projects continue to be reputation builders for Epic Icons and our clients.

Juggling time zones

Making full use of today's technologies, Epic Icons has developed a truly international client base. Outside the United Kingdom Chris has worked successfully with clients in Asia, the Middle East, North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America and throughout Northern and Eastern Europe.


Working in a trust alliance


At Epic Icons we appreciate that new commissions can be very brand sensitive so please be assured that all of our client communication is regarded as confidential and is treated as such. Only when the commissioned work is released into the public domain, will it be considered for self promotion. Clients will be credited where we are able.

Epic Icons is a fully independent business. Clients have direct contact with founder Chris Mitchell.

We work in a secure, private environment which has no shared business space or through traffic.


The Epic Icons studio is situated just outside the City of Chichester, you can be assured your commission fee is spent producing work, not paying high operation costs.

2550 Premier League Trophy Reversal 1200
Early face to face collaboration with Chris and brand agency Nomad proved very effective in the early exploration of ideas.

Client Visits

Face-to-face exploration of ideas

Where client ideas are not fully formulated prior to a full brief, collaboration with Chris can be beneficial at the very early stages of discussions. To help create exciting visual ways forward, clients are invited to work with Chris at the Epic Icons' studio. With the benefit of face to face loose sketching, the intiative to visit has to date proved very rewarding.

We were especially delighted to receive a visit from the Premier League's brand agency Nomad. Chris produced early sketch ideas to help visualise different approaches for the creation of the illustrative Premier League Trophy brand icon.

We do appreciate however that client visits are not always geographically possible, especially for those based overseas. Where a face to face meeting is not possible, screen sharing is very effective when discussing key points of interest within a design.

D&AD 2011 'In book Award' Best Corporate Identity: Client Studio LP.


Custom lettering

Type design has always been a very specialist skill, crucial to brand design. Brand word marques have to harmonise with the illustrative icon. Chris has built close working relationships with skilled lettering artists in order to offer this service as and when required by clients.

Other specialist skills

Larger projects requiring the contribution of other specialist skills enable Chris with client agreement to work with other trusted, creative professionals. With the agreement of our clients, animators, writers, photographers, web builders and 3D artists have all contributed successfully to previous projects.

Chris with Darian (left) at Fin London combining craft skills


Coming to life through motion and sound

Animation is an exciting platform for extending the illustrative brand icon experience. To facilitate this at a high craft broadcast level, Epic Icons works in close association with Fin London.

Fin London is an award-winning, fully integrated production house for all platforms. They have the expertise to deliver on craft expectations and much more. Working with Fin London opens a world of creative animation possibilities.

Golden Globe Race

Golden Globe Race 2022


A challenge like no other: a nine-month 30,000 nautical mile non-stop, solo circumnavigation, starting in September 2022.

My visit to the UK 2021 Southampton International Boat Show proved to be more interesting than I had expected. I met solo skipper Ian Herbert-Jones who was aboard his yacht Puffin to highlight his entry to the most epic adventure that will pitch his ocean yacht and importantly himself against some of the world's most hostile environments with no outside assistance. Remaining true to the image of the original 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race won by renown Sir Robert Knox Jonnston. Working with custom lettering associate Chris Weir we created an illustrative Epic Icon Puffin logo to assist Ian on his way. For more information on how you might provide your own support please visit Ian's website