Golden Globe Race 2022

Ian Herbert-Jones
Ian Herbert- Jones aboard Puffin


A challenge like no other: a nine-month 30,000 nautical mile non-stop, solo circumnavigation, starting in September 2022.

My visit to the UK 2021 Southampton International Boat Show proved to be more interesting than I had expected. I met solo skipper, Ian Herbert-Jones, who was aboard his yacht, Puffin. He was at the show to highlight his entry to this most epic of adventures. It will pitch his proven ocean yacht and importantly, himself, against some of the world's most hostile environments, with no outside assistance.


Each of the expected 35 competitors in this epic yacht race can only use technology that was available to skippers at the time of the original 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race, in keeping with the essence of the race, as conceived by its founders back in the late 1960s. That first-ever non-stop solo circumnavigation of the globe was won by renowned solo skipper, Sir Robert Knox Johnston.


The Golden Globe Race 2022 provides an exciting, unique and affordable opportunity for partner sponsors, especially given the epic nature and duration of the race.

Sponsorship details and information about Ian, the race, Puffin and much more can be viewed on Ian's web site


Creating a unique Puffin identity logo.

After Ian gave me a tour of Puffin the enormity of the challenge began to sink in. I felt I had to help in my small way. Working with custom lettering associate Chris Weir we crafted an iconic Puffin logo. The new yacht logo helps to project pride and courage, importantly a mark worthy of this extraordinary human endeavour by providing a powerful visual identifier that can rub shoulders with sponsor brands with confidence. I hope the courageous little puffin proves to be a lucky mascot for Ian on his epic adventure.

2767 Puffin logo 1200x 2400
Custom Puffin logo


The perfect yacht.

Built with ocean sailing in mind, the Tradewind 35 designed by John Rock and built by H&T Marine in 1986 has a proven pedigree. Respected for its sea-kindly design, it is capable of keeping her crew safe in the worst of conditions. For solo skippers crossing the unpredictability of vast oceans, trusting in their yacht's capabilities is paramount. It is effectively their home and lifeboat.

Ian purchased Puffin from Istvan Koper in April 2019 after he had completed the race event in 2018. Since then, Puffin has been further strengthened to be in best place to take on the rigours of the Southern Ocean.

Ian believes Puffin is the perfect yacht for this challenge, especially given the raw nature of a race that places adventure ahead of high tech and winning at all cost.

Puffin Tradewind 35
Ian Herbert-Jones
Golden Globe Race 2022 Map
Puffin Trade wind35

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