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Golden Globe Race
Solo Skipper Ian Herbert-Jones

Golden Globe Race 2022


A challenge like no other: a nine-month 30,000 nautical mile non-stop, solo circumnavigation, starting in September 2022.

My visit to the UK 2021 Southampton International Boat Show proved to be more interesting than I had expected. I met solo skipper Ian Herbert-Jones who was aboard his yacht Puffin to highlight his entry to the most epic adventure that will pitch his ocean yacht and importantly himself against some of the world's most hostile environments with no outside assistance. Remaining true to the image of the original 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race won by renown Sir Robert Knox Jonnston. Working with custom lettering associate Chris Weir we created an illustrative Epic Icon Puffin logo to assist Ian on his way. For more information on how you might provide your own support please visit Ian's website

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Chichester Harbour Conservancy logo

Chichester Harbour Conservancy

Some projects you just have to do

As a boat owner and life time spent sailing in the beautiful natural Chichester Harbour I was delighted to offer my services at Epic Icons to create the new identity logo for the Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Living on the doorstep of the harbour I felt I had fresh insight to what the brand logo could project, if given the opportunity.

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Stonelux brand logo

Avoiding reversal logos looking like negatives

Retaining craft clarity in a reversal version is crucial

A client will often require further artwork versions of a solid dark line logo in order for the brand logo to feature on a dark background. Where a client may create a light on dark artwork version just by reversing the dark on light artwork it will often appear unsuitable, as it can appear like a negative of the former artwork.

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Andre D'Cruze Precision driver

Creating a personal brand for Andre D'Cruze

An extraordinary precision driver

It’s not every day you meet an individual with such a unique day job. Precision driving in some of the most powerful and beautiful cars on the planet, whilst performing in challenging and dramatic environments, at exciting and extreme venues around the world. It's all in a days work for Andre D’Cruze.

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Flying-Lady.Spirit of Ecstasy.-Blog

Classic brand icons seen in abundance at Goodwood Revival

Beautiful heritage classics

I am continually inspired by what I see around me. A piece of sculpture beautifully crafted, defined in shape by light and shade can stimulate endless ideas. Goodwood Revival offers a great local resource to explore beautiful heritage classic car brands.

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