Avoiding reversal logos looking like negatives

Retaining craft clarity in reversal brand logo versions is crucial

A client will often require further artwork versions, of a dark on light logo, in order for it to appear on a dark background. If a light on dark artwork version were created by just reversing the dark on light artwork, it can appear quite different, like a negative of the former artwork.

As a result, by the very nature of creating a straight negative of a dimensional illustrative logo, it can prove very problematic as the craft detail can lose clarity. Furthermore, the overall balance of dark and light can appear far removed from the original dark on light artwork.

By making careful artwork adjustments however, I can create a reversal version that keeps the solid and negative areas relatively consistent to both versions. This process is not just restricted to single colour solid line artworks.

Given the large investment in distribution and print attributed to a new brand launch, it should be regarded as a false economy to create straight reversals without making the required adjustments.

Negative reversal brand logos

Given the substantial product, print and distribution costs that can be associated with a new product launch, it only makes sense to avoid reversal brand logos looking like negatives.