Our Commission Terms

Client Confidentiality and Indemnity NDA Agreements.

Where our clients request that we sign their confidentiality documents or NDAs, Epic Icons needs to ensure that by signing these documents, we do not compromise or invalidate our indemnity insurance policy.

In most cases client NDA documents are passed onto our professional indemnity insurers, as they are best placed to check the small print. It can take up to five days for their feedback. Where the scope of risk is seen to be unrealistic, adjustments may be required. For example; they may request the introduction of the word ‘reasonable’ to key clauses.

Simple is best.

For the benefit of both parties we do advocate that NDA documents are realistic, to the point and as brief as is possible to help project clarity. Given NDAs they should be clearly understood, please appreciate that long documents full of legal jargon to the untrained eye, can create unnecessary delays.

For a quick response to action a brief

Please read our commission terms below. Do contact us if further information is required.

Please be assured that we appreciate the need for confidentiality, especially in the commission of our work prior to a new brand launch.


All client interest, briefs and material supplied will be treated as confidential. Permission from the client will be sought if a trusted associate or a third-party services are required to share in the client communication, in order to assist in the project.

Epic Icons or its associates will not share confidential information with each other, unless by prior client agreement and where such collaboration will benefit the commissioned project.

Ownership of artwork

The end client will own the final master artwork once Chris Mitchell trading as Epic Icons has received full payment, which includes the agreed full development fee and the final artwork buyout fee. A modest artwork buyout fee will be included in the initial quote. Chris Mitchell, just retains usage of the commissioned work for the self promotion of his work. Payment of the artwork buyout fee establishes transfer of ownership.

To avoid hybrid designs appearing in the market place; rough visuals, concept roughs and line sketches are priced for presentation use only. They are not provided copyright free. They may not be used for the benefit of any other projects, sold on to a third-party, used for a third-party’s benefit or produced as artwork without written permission from Chris Mitchell and a buyout or usage fee agreed.

Original work

Chris Mitchell's artwork is original to him. Where larger projects may require the contribution of other allied specialist craft skills, we may recommend one or more of our trusted associates. For example; this may include custom lettering or animation.

Refreshing an existing design

Where Chris is requested to refresh an existing design that was previously created by a third-party, please ensure that copyright entitlement to the previous work is obtained prior to briefing.

Avoiding hybrid designs

Please appreciate that is in all parties’ interests that the creation of hybrid designs; the full or part-replication of elements of Chris Mitchell’s extensive folio of work, do not appear in the marketplace.

Hybrid or copied concepts passed off as original ideas is unwise. Respect and appreciation of the original ownership can be lost in the artwork process leading to very serious copyright consequences later.

Self promotion

Chris Mitchell, trading as Epic Icons, retains use of commissioned work for self promotion, once the work is in the public domain. In situations where Epic Icons retains the copyright of roughs, visuals or artwork, we will not use the commissioned work for the benefit of another commissioned project.

© All rights strictly reserved

All images and artwork featured on this website have reserved copyright and may not be used for any purpose. Please note: Epic Icons is a registered trademark.

Managing workflows

As we frequently experience periods where we are waiting on project feedback, Epic Icons rarely works on just one project at a time. This means we are able to run a number of design projects concurrently, as they go though different stages of development. Receiving early notice of a new commission will greatly help to agree a client project start date, where the new commission can feed into current workflows.

Projects vary in completion time, as every brief is different - some projects may have multiple exploration routes, others require several artwork versions for different end uses. We will take reasonable steps to inform the client of progress and any possible delays.

Trademark registration

In order for the end client to present Chris Mitchell’s commissioned work for trademark registration, an artwork buyout fee will need to be paid to establish copyright ownership. A modest artwork buyout cost is provided in our initial guide price.

Although Chris Mitchell’s work is original to him, for your own benefit please understand trademark registration of his work cannot be guaranteed. It is impossible for Epic Icons and our clients to be aware of all competitive Illustrations, designs and icons in the global marketplace.


Following a brief from a client, Epic Icons will issue a written quotation which will follow our recommended development stage process. Minor alterations to the design, other than a change in brief or direction, are provided for in the development process.

If the client cancels the work whilst it is in progress, there will be a cost for work completed to date. In the unlikely event that the client rejects the final artwork, a final artwork rejection fee will need to be agreed. If the client does not require ownership of the rejected artwork, then an artwork buyout fee will not be charged, on the provision that Epic Icons is advised by the client in writing.


Epic Icons will not knowingly work on the same job for two or more competitive clients pitching for the same work at the same time.

We cannot however be restricted in servicing our numerous national and international clients other than this undertaking regarding exclusivity.


Epic Icons cannot be held financially liable for any costs sustained by clients as a result of the following:

Trademark Law

Chris Mitchell trading as Epic Icons will not be held liable if his commissioned illustrative artwork, original to him and to brief is claimed to infringe, by subject or style, on any other third party designs or their market place in the public domain. In order to protect the commissioned work, it is for the brand owner to present the work for trademark registration in the official manner.


Any breach of confidentiality that is deemed accidental or that is outside the control of Epic Icons. Please note; emails cannot be considered a confidential method of communication.

Computer Virus Damage

Any possible damage to your business and computer systems that you may sustain resulting from operating or viewing this web site and other associated sites that you may link to.

Copyright infringement

Where Chris Mitchell is briefed to refresh an existing design that was previously created by a third-party, without copyright entitlement to the previous work obtained prior to briefing by the client.

Loss of Work

Any accidental loss or damage to any material goods that have been entrusted to Chris Mitchell trading as Epic Icons or any associates for the benefit of the commissioned work, other than their material value. Any future loss of commissioned work due to human or computer failure.

Delayed work

If deadlines are not met due to circumstances outside our control.

Rejected work

If the commissioned work is rejected, delayed or cancelled by the client, Epic Icons cannot be held financially liable for costs sustained by you as a result.