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Chris draws on a wealth of experience gained over many years of working with leading international design, branding and advertising houses. His natural drawing ability allows him to master many different illustrative styles and subjects, demonstrated through a whole host of different assignments.

Over the last 30 years, in the pursuit of craft perfection, Chris has built an international reputation as a major contributor to the development and execution of some of the world's most familiar illustrative brand and corporate identity icons.

Widely travelled, Chris draws inspiration from his visits to art museums and exhibitions in many different countries, where his love for viewing outstanding and beautiful crafted work is all absorbing.

Chris lived and worked in London for most of his early career. Today, he works successfully from his Chilgrove studio, near Chichester, West Sussex.

When not working, he enjoys sea kayaking, trekking and his life long passion for sailing, on his rather old sailing yacht moored not far away.

In 2011, Chris was elected a fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers. Chris is a full member of D&AD (Design & Art Direction).

BW Chris 2400x1200 pix portrait
Mr Mitch :-)

Team Work

Encouraging creativity and passion

Out of work hrs, Chris has had a life-long passion for sailing. Whilst his own yacht is undergoing a refit, notable times for Chris in 2021 have been sailing with Vernon Bradley owner or Arrowline Marketing, on his yacht of Black Jack. Spending amazing times with clients and associates who share a common interest of sailing is a wonderful way to help build great working relationships, where trust, passion and clear communication are all key ingredients to meeting project objectives.

Whilst Chris does not often have the luxury of waiting for an idea to come to him, time on the water is a great tonic and refreshing contrast to busy studio life where that idea, insight and eureka moment he was looking for can come to him at the most unexpected time.

Chris and Vernon 1700
Chris (left) with Vernon Bradley (right) skipper of Black Jack

Excerpt from an interview with Chris Mitchell published in Designers Journal

DJ: To the trained eye, it’s easy to spot a ‘Chris Mitchell’. How did you refine your style to become your own?

CM: ‘I felt illustrative brand icons and corporate logos could appear more crafted, stylish memorable and functional if given the chance. I wanted to put the same care into their creation as a lettering artist would put into their work.

'Basically, I wanted my work to sing, to engage and project personality, much as beautifully crafted sculpture often does. The suggestion of light and use of negative space helps give dimension, drama and focus.

'The craft of negative space is very important in much of my work; it gives balance and simplicity and utilizes the background space and colour to best advantage. By nature, showing an established style does attract similar-style commissions, so a particular approach can be perpetuated. I will always however adjust style if the brief dictated it.'

DJ: To my eye, there is a stunning purity and a refined balance to your work. How are you able to express so much realism in what appears to be the minimal amount of strokes or detail?

CM: ‘Once I have completed a line sketch that best answers the chosen route, developing and refining the marque is a stage process of careful consideration. Every line has got to earn its place. The realism you refer to comes from the early drawing preparation and final crafting in such a way that allows your mind to fill in the spaces to complete the picture. Focus point, balance and rhythm are naturally key ingredients to any thought-through design.'

Read the full interview at Designers Journal.


PA to Chris Mitchell

After completing a very successful year working as a PA to Chris at Epic Icons, Jess embarks on her dream trip to tour New Zealand in a camper van.

A fast learner, Jess truly embraced the importance of her work at Epic Icons, helping to keep Chris free of admin and up to speed with his creative work flows whilst managing client expectations. A well organised individual with a 'can do spirit' and importantly a delightful person to work with.

Recent Update: June 2023

Having returned to the UK after a mind blowing tour of New Zealand Jess is now working for an interesting and dynamic creative design team in London.

"Thanks Jess for watching my back, wishing you well in your future work. " Chris Mitchell

Jesss leaving picnic
Jess's leaving picnic at Epic Icons

We are fortunate to be surrounded by natural beauty and places of cultural interest. It is not hard to feel creatively inspired.

Nestled at the foot of the South Downs National Park, the cathedral city of Chichester is surrounded by beautiful countryside, sandy beaches, fishing villages, and historical attractions, offering incredible diversity.

From Pallant House Gallery to Chichester Festival Theatre, the city is well placed for those who have an interest in the arts and culture.

The Epic Icons studio is located at the Chilgrove Business Centre, Just a few miles North from Chichester.

Just a short drive away is the world-renowned Goodwood Estate, home of the iconic Goodwood racecourse and legendary classic motor racing events. Goodwood also hosts its own aerodrome, where on occasion, vintage aircraft can be seen in the skies above. All providing opportunity for crucial reference gathering.

A little further south, the natural harbour of Chichester Harbour is a sailor's dream, and is surrounded by picturesque villages.

For time out and networking, there is no shortage of restaurants and pubs in the area offering delicious locally produced food and drink.

Goodwood Revival race start
Goodwood House Festival of Speed

Its all on our doorstep. Whether its the horse, the cow, the pig, the oak tree or the majestic deer and falcon, all have featured as points of reference for my illustrative brand icons.

Chris Mitchell