It has been all hands to the deck

Epic Icons would like to pass on our warmest thanks to all those that have contributed to this Epic Icons web site.

Associate Roger Dawkins: For his great attention to detail in building the code for this site and an effective user-friendly management system. Working closely with Chris Mitchell, Roger demonstrates a fantastic ‘can do spirit’ that gets things done. Amongst other things, Roger is an accomplished motor-racing photographer. He can be contacted at;

Associate Chris Weir: Crafted custom lettering applied to Chris Mitchell's front page frieze illustration. Chris Weir's work can be seen at;

Associate Fin London: For their studio time and working alliance regarding animation initiatives, featured on this site. Their work can be seen at;

Ali Gaudion: Ali is a respected West Sussex corporate photographer. Her work can be seen at;

Andre Schmitt: Photography cover on and off site.

Matthew Wernham: For his patient proof-reading assistance. Any errors on this site will not be his!

Our clients: For their continued interest in our work and their supply of work related images for this site.

Philip Redwick: Landlord to the Chilgrove Business Centre, who has helped to ensure that our environment looks enticing, on and off camera.

Chichester District Council - Economic Development: For their interest and support of the Epic Icons new website and their 'Creative Hub' initiatives in and around Chichester.