Case Studies

2380 Sea Captain 800x1200 pix

Down East Coffee. Character concept

Developing a heroic brand character icon

Illustrative brand logo concept by Chris Mitchell, commissioned by KHJ Brand Activation for Down East Coffee. A brave Sea Captain in a hero pose is depicted at the wheel of his ship, battling with the elements to import premium ingredients across oceans. All elements contribute in projecting the nautical heritage of the company. The vintage travel poster style of the illustration is also in keeping with the historic theme.

Clive Christian 800x1200 pix

Clive Christian Coat of Arms

Craft refinement for a luxury brand

CLIVE CHRISTIAN is a British luxury interiors and perfume company. Identica commissioned Chris Mitchell to redraw their client's much loved, historic Coat of Arms. In order to feature on the CLIVE CHRISTIAN perfume packaging to best advantage, Chris redrew the original Coat of Arms as a hand crafted beautiful vector illustration, in full colour and single colour. Craft diligence was rewarded as shown in the majestic gold fleck embossed printing on packaging.

IRN BRU 800 x 1200 pix case study


Early sketch exploration is key

Developing illustrative character brand icons can be quite challenging, however given the benefit of early line sketches, the development process from early exploration to final artwork can be very rewarding. JKR commissioned Chris Mitchell to create a vintage style strong man icon to feature central to their brand refresh project, namely the famous fizzy drink brand IRN-BRU.

2635 Our Queen At War Case Study 1200 pix

Our Queen at War

Vintage poster style animation

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 94th birthday ITV commissioned BBC Studios to make a 60 min documentary that reveals Princess Elizabeth's extraordinary teenage life during the Second World War years. Working with animator Andy A'court, Chris Mitchell was briefed to created a series of vintage poster style vector illustrations suitable for Andy to add texture effects and animate.

Premier League Trophy logo case study

Premier League Trophy Icon

Projecting drama and passion

With the brief to create an illustrative brand icon of the iconic Premier League Trophy, Chris Mitchell worked with the Premier League, and it’s brand agency Nomad. Striking a heroic and celebratory pose the Trophy projects the passion shared by the twenty Premier League clubs in their endeavours to win the world famous and iconic trophy. The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world.

Kin Cow Case study 1200 pix

Kin Dairy

Best in her class

Landor commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop a cow character as a brand mark for their Kin Dairy project. The cow had to be be proud, oozing with confidence in that she’s an A2 cow - the 'best in show'. Kin farmed fresh milk is a premium quality milk that is friendly on the stomach as it is sourced from special Australian A2 cows exclusively grazed on Kin farms.

Elephant Beer case study 1200 pix

Elephant Beer

A sign of strength for Elephant Beer

Elephant Beer is a refreshing lager, tasty and extra strong. Branding agency Dragon Rouge commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and create an illustrative brand icon of a majestic elephant, to feature centre stage striding out above the Elephant word-mark. The dramatic lighting of the elephant emerging from darkness into light helps to add drama, whilst the low perspective view provided a sense of scale, strength and power. Importantly the elephant appears confident, lively and bold.

Virgin Plane Case Study 1200 pix

Virgin Australia

Creating the Flying Lady

The Virgin Blue Group, a low cost budget airline re-launched as 'Virgin Australia' as part of a strategy to give the brand a more premium feel and appeal to both corporate and leisure customers. Design agency Hulsbosch engaged the services of brand illustrator Chris Mitchell to create a new illustrative iconic flying lady, to feature as part of the brands new identity and aircraft livery design.

Cad The Dandy Head Identity 1200 pix

Cad & The Dandy

Illustrating Bob the ram mascot

Bob, a much loved Ram mascot was chosen to feature as the new Cad & The Dandy illustrative brand icon. Chris Mitchell was commissioned to create two illustrative versions of Bob, projecting a powerful and confident ram character. The two versions feature as part of the Cad & The Dandy new brand identity assets, designed by Otherway.


Good Old Boy

A major brand refresh

The West Berkshire Brewery brand required a more premium feel, to reflect the quality of their award winning ales. Design agency Colt commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft an illustrative brand icon of a farmer character to feature across the range of WBB quality beers.