Premier League Trophy Icon

Illustrating the icon

With the brief to create an illustrative brand icon of the iconic Premier League Trophy, Chris Mitchell worked with the Premier League, and it’s brand agency Nomad. Striking a heroic, iconic and celebratory pose the illustrative icon projects the passion shared by the twenty Premier League clubs and their supporters in their endeavours to win the world famous Premier League Trophy. The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world, expectations for the brand icon were high.

To explore early concept possibilities Nomad took the opportunity to visit Chris in the Epic Icons studio and work face to face. During the visit Chris provided loose thumbnail sketches on the spot, further exploration and development work followed, to best explore alternative concepts of the Trophy in different dynamic positions.

One route was chosen to develop further in a solid, single line form. The low viewing angle, whilst showing the two handles at an acute perspective angle provide a sense of scale, adding to the drama.

Projecting passion and celebration

To project life into the chosen Trophy pose the crafted ribbons are shown in movement, reflective of their shape when the trophy is held aloft by the Captain of the Champions being crowned, followed by the energy generated by cheering supporters having just witnessed their team winning the iconic Premier League Trophy.

Many different ribbon positions were explored until a chosen design was refined to final vector master artwork. The Trophy features in different brand colour palettes, both as a solid dark line marque on a light background and as a light marque on dark background.

Stage 1 Premier League Sketches 2400 pix
Early digital pen exploration sketches of the Premier League Trophy icon by Chris Mitchell.

Once the chosen route was agreed, focus was on developing the concept idea to an iconic style marque. Different ribbon shapes were explored, whilst the solid line style was developed and refined to achieved the desired dramatic effect.

Chris Mitchell
Pemier League Trophy Brand Icon
Artwork adjustments had to be made to create the light on dark version.

The Premier League Trophy on tour

The official Coca-Cola Premier League Trophy tour bus, provided fans with a great oppotunity to have their photographs taken with the Premier League Trophy. Visiting six UK cities the illustrative Trophy icon was seen to dramatic effect, featured full height on the side of the bright red Coca-Cola bus.

Coco Cola Bus Premier League Trophy
Credit: CCEP