Clive Christian Coat of Arms

The importance of craft investment

CLIVE CHRISTIAN is a British luxury interiors and perfume company. Identica commissioned Chris Mitchell to redraw their client's much loved, historic Coat of Arms. In order to feature on the CLIVE CHRISTIAN perfume packaging to best advantage, Chris redrew the original painting of the Coat of Arms as a digital hand crafted beautiful vector illustration, illustrated in full colour and single colour versions. The new artworks provide far greater flexibility and clarity when printed on packaging and promotional materials across all reproduction sizes. The attention to detail regarding the craft of negative space is particularly important in this respect and especially true for foiling.

Sketch Clive Christian
Initial sketch redraw
Clive Christian identity crest
2390 Clive Christian 1200 X2400 pix
A range of single colour arkworks, each used for different print requirements

Craft diligence was rewarded as shown in the majestic gold fleck embossed printing on packaging. Working closely with Identica and having the luxury of viewing print proofs during the artwork refinement was very beneficial, ensuring illustrative line weight was correct to meet print tolerances.

Printers proof from Identica