Trademark Registration

Many of the illustrative brand and corporate identity icons that Chris Mitchell has created have been successfully registered as trademarks by their brand owners.

Although Chris Mitchell’s work is original to him, for your own benefit please understand trademark registration of his work cannot be guaranteed. It is simply impossible for Epic Icons and our clients to be aware of all competitive Illustrations, designs and icons in the global marketplace.

In order for the end client to present Chris Mitchell’s commissioned work for trademark registration, an artwork buyout fee will need to be paid to establish copyright ownership. A modest artwork buyout cost is provided in our initial guide price.

Further information regarding trademark registration can be found at:

Chris Mitchell trading as Epic Icons just retains use of the commissioned work for self promotion.

Judge Brand Logo

The creation of original work is fundamental. At Epic Icons we believe in the need to keep craft skills alive through creating original and beautiful work.

Chris Mitchell

It only makes sense

Please appreciate that is in all parties’ interests that the creation of hybrid designs; the full or part-replication of elements of Chris Mitchell’s extensive folio of work, do not appear in the marketplace.

Hybrid or copied concepts passed off as original ideas can also be regarded as foolhardy. Respect and appreciation of the original ownership can be lost in the artwork process leading to very serious copyright consequences later.

Client responsibility

Where Chris might be requested to refresh an existing design previously created by a third party, please ensure that you have copyright entitlement to the previous work, in order to brief in the changes.


Chris Mitchell trading as Epic Icons will not be held liable if his original created work to brief is claimed to infringe, by subject or style, on any other designs or illustrations in the public domain. In order to protect the commissioned work, it is for the brand owner to present the work for trademark registration in the official manner.

For further information regarding registration:

In my own original artwork, I make sure there is a clear distinction between every brand icon I develop and create. It is not in my or my client's interest for me to copy key features from one of my designs and then to apply it directly to another.

Chris Mitchell