Trusted Associates

Working with trusted associates

Where some projects may require other allied specialist craft skills, if required and with client agreement Chris is happy to introduce trusted associates that can contributed. Broadening the offer through collaboration means that the full scope of a project's craft needs can be properly resourced with confidence. Though independent of each other, associates share many years of working together in a trust alliance.

Work direct

As every project is different, clients can choose to engage either with Chris's recommended associates through Epic Icons or they can brief and work directly with associates.

Maintaining craft standards

Working with other specialists ensures that craft expectations can be properly fulfilled, especially where custom lettering and animation, for example, is required.


Where an associated is introduced to collaborate on a project by client agreement, Chris Mitchell of Epic Icons or trusted associates will not share their client confidential information with each other, unless by client agreement for the benefit of a commissioned project.


Award-winning brand lettering designer

Chris Weir has continually proved over the years to be a great craft contributor to Epic Icon projects. Where there has been a need with client agreement, his custom word marques have harmonised with Chris Mitchell's illustrative brand work to produce outstanding crafted brand logos. Close communication between the two, built over many years of mutual respect and trust, has given Chris Weir the insight to go beyond client expectations.

Royal Blackheath Golf Club Logo Crest
Royal London Pensions Group Logo
Suffolk University Brand Logo
Northlink Ferries Brand Logo
Briska Brand Logo
Bluewater Brand Logo
Brockmans Brand Logo
Fox Barrel Cider Brand Logo

Style and design harmonisation between illustration and custom lettering is critical. Each craft skill empowers the other.

Chris Mitchell


Illustrative icons coming to life through sound and motion

Animation is an exciting platform for extending the illustrative brand icon experience. To facilitate this at a high-craft, broadcast level, Epic Icons works in close association with Fin London.

About Fin

Fin London is an award-winning, fully integrated production house for all platforms. Importantly, they have the expertise to deliver on craft expectations, and much more. Working with Fin London opens a world of creative animation possibilities.

In collaboration with some of the world's best brands, Fin translates ambition into inspiring creativity, tailored according to the media platform.

The professionalism of their team and their extensive range of production and post-production facilities, mean clients have access to cost-efficient, full-service film production expertise.

Chris Mitchell at Fin London. Logo Animation
Chris with Darian (left) at Fin London combining their animation and illustrative skills.


Crafted graphic animations, inspired from a range of creative and cultural sources including art, architecture and film.

It was a great pleasure for Chris to work in colaboration with award winning animator Andy A'court'. In celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 94th birthday, ITV commissioned BBC Studios to make a 60 min documentary that reveals Princess Elizabeth's extraordinary teenage life during the Second World War years. Chris Mitchell was briefed to created a series of vintage poster style vector illustrations suitable for Andy to add texture effects and animate. The ITV film called 'Our Queen at War', showed rare film footage montaged with the short animations, providing a seamless theme introduction to the key topics of interest.

Animation montage by Andy A'Court


Custom font specialists

Founded in 1994, Formula Solutions is a UK-based, leading manufacturer of specialist custom fonts

There are two main fields of activity in custom font production. Firstly, the manufacture of logo fonts, enabling companies to distribute extremely high quality, scalable versions of their brand. Secondly, the creation of corporate custom typefaces that offer an organisation the option to utilise a corporate typeface, custom designed for their specific needs.

Logo fonts

Traditionally, company logos and company-specific symbols have been distributed to users as bitmap graphics. These are not scalable, are often of poor quality, can be easily distorted and can add significant size to file sizes. A TrueType logo font is fully scalable with no distortion. It will render at optimised quality and minimises file sizes, which can reduce document load and print times.

Custom corporate typefaces

Sometimes, an off-the-shelf font just isn't the best solution. More and more corporate businesses are turning to hand-crafted, custom fonts for their corporate typefaces. The benefits are numerous and include a unique company identity, simplified licensing and for a large user base, there can even be cost savings over standard typeface licensing.

Custom Typeface produced for Twix with pan-European, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic support. In association with JKR