Creating a personal brand for Andre D'Cruze

An extraordinary precision driver

It’s not every day you meet an individual with such a unique day job. Precision driving, performing in some of the most powerful and beautiful cars on the planet, in challenging and dramatic environments, at exciting and extreme venues around the world. It's all in a days work for Andre D’Cruze. Highly regarded within the industry, Andre has done it all, being entrusted to drive some of the world’s most iconic car marques for films, commercials, viral ads, magazine photo shoots, live shows and car launches.

Like all us mortals working freelance or on short contracts, to help secure the next project Andre required an online presence to help promote his extraordinary skill set behind the wheel. The presence also needed to convey his ability to work with both clients and creatives alike, who are all working under great pressure to deliver on very high expectations.

Not a typical brand project for me, however, how could I refuse when associate Roger Dawkins asked me to help. With thanks from the collaboration of other Epic Icons associates, just a few days later the job was done! Or rather the journey has started, exciting ideas to follow. Custom brand lettering, crafted by associate Chris Weir.

Andre D'Cruze Precision driver