Chichester Harbour Conservancy

Some projects you just have to do

As a boat owner and life time spent sailing in the beautiful natural Chichester Harbour I was delighted to offer my services at Epic Icons to create the new identity logo for the Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Living on the doorstep of the harbour I felt I had fresh insight to what the brand logo could project, if given the opportunity. I also wanted to offer something back, especially given the many volunteers who offer their time and services.

Since 1971 the Conservancy brand identity revolved around an official Authority seal, the new contemporary design represents a complete re-working of the traditional heraldic illustrative symbols that made up the original marque. The new illustrative icon is now more organic and designed to really resonate with the public and stake holders alike. I initially thought that a chosen rebrand design would perhaps be more acceptable to the relevant committees if it took closer clues from the original, even though in the original was in desperate need of a brand refresh from a craft perspective.

Quite a few very different approaches were presented, where a few exploration concepts were deliberately designed closer to the original. The most extreme concept idea however and I am pleased to say my personal favourite, the organic globe approach had immediate appeal.
The key ingredients are redrawn and restyled completely, where each works in harmony with the other. Featured all together within the dynamic globe holding shape they represent the special character and key aspects of Chichester Harbour. This helps to bring attention to the fact that whilst the harbour is one of the UK's busiest leisure harbours for water sport activities, it is also home to some rare wildlife and coastal habitats. Chichester Harbour Conservancy plays a very important role in the management of this internationally recognised area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Reversal Chichester Harbour Conservancy logo
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The roll out of a new brand design should capture the imagination of its users in a positive way. Unique, impactful and funtional.

Chris Mitchell