Rolls-Royce. Spirit of Ecstasy

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Client: Pentagram. Uk

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The 'Spirt of Ecstasy' is one of the world's most famous symbols, embodying beauty, style and craft perfection. An instantly recognisable figurine representing the best of British luxury having graced the brow of Rolls-Royce motor cars since 1911. In order to assist the Rolls-Royce brand to appeal to a younger audience Marina Willer commissioned Chris Mitchell to work with her team at Pentagram to create a beautiful brand icon of the 'Spirt of Ecstasy'. Whilst the original three dimensional figurine designed by British artist Charles Sykes remains unchanged the two dimensional illustrative icon required a more comtemporary refined direction.

The figurine has now been redrawn and crafted by Chris for the virtual digital world, which acquires the need for simplicity and versatility in order to feature with clarity across all platforms. The new design revises the Spirit of Ecstasy's' proportions and now has her facing right, towards the future targeting new audiences.

My goal was to create an iconic timeless illustrative brand icon that projects elegance, luxury and style whilst still delivering on the sense of freedom and thrill so beautifully embodied in the craft of the original three-dimensional sculpture. To achieve all of that in a simple clean iconic form that suggests depth was a wonderful journey of craft exploration and discovery.

Chris Mitchell