Cheltenham Festival

2839 Cheltenham Festival Brand logo and reversal

Client: Thisaway. UK

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Cheltenham is one of horse racings most iconic events. Its heritage and prestige has meant it has become more than a racing event, it has transcended into a lifestyle. The Jockey Club were looking to develop a new brand for the Cheltenham Festival, to build equity into the event and help drive their sponsorship ambitions.

Brand agency Thisaway was tasked with creating a brand that positions the Festival as an unmissable event. Taking inspiration from the world of race tags and pin pages, Thisaway developed a set of crafted emblems as part of the brand story. The range of badge designs represent the four unique days of the festival. Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Thisaway to create a new illustrative brand logo to help bring all their badges together and act as a timeless premium mark of craft quality for the 'festival'. ( Text extracts referenced from Thisaway).