Sydney Swans

2614 Sydney Swans SQ 1200 pix

Client: SICKDOGWOLFMAN. Australia

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Sydney Swans is one of Australia's oldest and most iconic football clubs. Branding agency SICKDOGWOLFMAN had the exciting task of re-designing the club's brand identity. Chris Mitchell was commission to work with SICKDOGWOLFMAN in providing early exploration development sketch options and develop chosen routes that best honour the past whilst looking ahead to the future. Now the logo projects a bolder, confident, and majestic swan's head, with a more determined attitude. Breaking out of the V the new logo reflects the club's relentless spirit, forged through its rich history. The 'V' is a nod to the clubs heritage and its connection to South Melbourne.

2614 Syney Swans Football 1200 X2400 pix
Photo from SDWM

Sporting brand emblems are always exciting projects to work on, given they connect with fans on an emotional level, enhancing team spirit.

Chris Mitchell