2837 Season Products SQ 1200 pix

Client: Season Products. USA

  • Character
  • Food
  • Vintage

Since 1921 Season Products have been producing quality canned sea foods. Historically the Season brand identity featured a Sea Maiden character in a harbour setting, locked up wth the Season wordmark. The Maiden was in honour of the fishmonger ladies of the time that worked so hard at the fishing ports, preparing the freshly caught specialty fish products for distribution to grocers in the Northeast of America.

Having just surpassed Season's 100th anniversary, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to explore a brand refresh of their previous brand emblem. Whilst building on the Maiden theme, she had to be completely redrawn as a character to appeal to a modern consumer, whilst projecting design clues from a more classic sea-faring design era. All aspects of the emblem was redesigned in order to leveraging the heritage, quality and trust of the brand. Extensive early exploration sketches were explored prior to chosen developments and final artwork. Custom 'Season' wordmark by associate Chris Weir.