Peter Rabbit

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Client: CreateFuture

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First published in 1902, by Frederick Warne & Co. (now part of Penguin Random House) The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter has never been out of print and remains one of the world's best loved children’s stories. Penguin Random House will commemorate Peter Rabbit’s 120th Birthday in 2022, and in celebration of this they worked with design house CreateFuture to provide a brand refresh and global brand strategy for The World of Peter Rabbit™. To help in this process, Chris Mitchell was commissioned by CreateFuture to create a more contemporary, iconic version of the 'running rabbit' character to feature as the brand icon for The World of Peter Rabbit.

The crafted lettering of the Peter Rabbit wordmark was created by associate Chris Weir and pays homage to Beatrix Potter and her first edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

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Peter Rabbit Running Rabbit no wordmark Blank large SQ 1200 pix
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Along with the accompanying animal icons, the illustrations had to be created in a contemporary solid line vector style to best feature across multiple platforms and touch points, providing clarity of craft at all reproduction sizes. Retaining the charm, mischief and character associated with the original illustrations was paramount in ensuring that they continue to delight both children and adults long into the future.

Custom colourful graphic movement trails were individually crafted to represent the natural movement of each creature, adding energy and flow to each icon.

I have always been captivated by works that have stood the test of time, that retain their relevance and importance despite the ages. Beatrix Potter was one individual who accomplished this in her beautiful story telling illustrations of Peter Rabbit and his friends. In creating illustrative creature characters of such charm, honesty and appeal she has ensured that they continue to touch the hearts of children and adults to this very day. It was a real delight to work with CreateFuture to develop these world-famous characters.

Chris Mitchell