Our Queen at War. Royal Yacht Britannia

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Client: BBC Studio. Animation frame

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In celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 94th birthday a BBC studio documentary 'Our Queen at War' was commissioned by ITV to shed light on the role she played when the country was in crisis during the Second World War. Working with animator Andy A'Court, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to create a series of vintage poster style illustrations suitable for added texture effects and animation. The documentary reveals Princess Elizabeth's extraordinary teenage life during the Second World War years. Rare film footage was effectively montaged with the short illustrative animations providing a seamless theme introduction to the key topics of interest. In this particular illustrative frame by Chris, a young Prince Elizabeth is standing by her father George VI King of England. Onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia they are looking down at Prince Philip rowing out to them in a small rowboat.

Animation montage by Andy A'Court