Miller Lite -The Baltimore Ravens

2729 Miller Lite The Baltimore Ravens SQ 1200 pix

Client: Design Bridge. USA

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Miller Lite - Sponsor of selected teams within the NFL

In celebration of the 2021-2022 football season and as key sponsors of the NFL, Miller Lite launched a dramatic beer packaging range in collaboration with their New York studio Design Bridge. Each limited edition team pack in the range features a commissioned iconic poster style illustration by Chris Mitchell. Illustrated in their team's colours, a fan is shown cheering in all their individual glory in support of their football team.

The NFL is the largest and most prestigious professional American Football league, consisting of 32 teams. Each of the team's fans often claim the title of best NFL fanbase. For wide appeal within the communities of each team, it was important that both male and female fans could feel represented by the illustrative characters.

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2729 Miller Lite The Tampa Bay Buccaneers SQ 1200 pix
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2729 Miller Lite The Minnesota Vikings SQ 1200 pix
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Limited edition pack designs by Miller Lite's New York studio Design Bridge and Partners.