Hurst College

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Client: Them Studio. UK

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'Them Studio' were tasked to overhaul the brand identity for Hurst College. Located in the glorious countryside of the South Downs in Sussex, Hurst are known as an exceptional independent College for boys and girls.

The previous identity featured an illustrative eagle icon, however it lacked stature, presence and missed key eagle clues in its flat graphic style interpretation. A wonderful opportunity presented itself to transform the eagle icon to appear more crafted, dimensional, proud, majestic, engaging and stylish, without appearing over aggressive. As part of the re-design process Chris Mitchell was commissioned to completely redraw the previous eagle icon. Providing well drawn exploration sketches was a crucial part of the icons early development stage. A chosen route was then developed further, which was then refined to final artwork. A single colour, dark on light and light on dark artwork versions were created.

2833 Hust with Word Mark 1200 X2400 pix
Eagle icon locked up with wordmark, with thanks to Them Studio.