Glenfiddich Frieze Concept Logo

Client: Purple. UK

  • Animals
  • Spirits

Purple commissioned Chris Mitchell to help in the redraw of the world famous Glenfiddich Malt Whisky brand icon. Working in close collaboration with Purple’s creative team in pursuit of a route that would tick all the right boxes for the brand refresh, many initial exploration sketch ideas were explored. The mission was to bring the stag to life by creating a majestic, iconic and stylish logo, whilst elevating the stag's stature, masculinity and confidence. Capturing all the drama in a simple line style that utilised crafted negative space effectively was key.

A chosen route was developed further, where subtle variants to craft details were considered. One of the more developed versions illustrated by Chris is featured here (left image). In consideration of other craft ideas that offered alternative solutions to key areas, Purple married those crafted details to create the final artwork version (right). The lift of the head in the final artwork version adds to the drama, giving life to the icon.