Gambrinus Beer

2830 Gambrinus SQ 1700 pix

Client: Purple. UK

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Brand agency Purple was tasked to evolve and modernise the brand identity for Gambrinus, one the most mainstream beer brands in the Czech Republic. Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Purple to completely redraw the historic jovial saint character, in order to create a more credible illustrative brand icon. He now appears prouder, more masculine, charismatic and approachable, raising his beer glass in an engaging and dynamic way.

2830 Grambrinus development sketch 2400 pix
A number of poses were explored. This was the chosen character pose to develop.

Illustrative character brand emblem in situation with the Grambrinus wordmark. Crafted lettering refinement by associate Chris Weir.

2830 Gambrinus label SQ 1700 pix