Chichester Harbour Conservancy

Reversal Chichester Harbour Conservancy logo

Client: Chichester- Harbour Conservancy. UK

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An exciting and dramatic brand refresh for Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Since 1971 the Conservancy brand identity revolved around an official Authority seal, the new contemporary design by Chris Mitchell represents a complete re-working of the traditional heraldic illustrative symbols that made up the original marque. As a boat owner and life time spent sailing in the beautiful natural harbour Chris was delighted to offer his specialist services at Epic Icons to create the new identity logo for the Conservancy. The key ingredients that make up the special character of Chichester Harbour feature within an illustrative globe shape. This helps to bring attention to the fact that whilst the harbour is one of the UK's busiest leisure harbours and home to a large number of sailing boats, sharing the same space it is also home to some rare wildlife and coastal habitats. Chichester Harbour Conservancy plays a very important role in the management of this internationally recognised area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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I have been drawn to Chichester Harbour all my life, it has provided me with space to relax away from the confines of a desk and to enjoy the great outdoors in an ever changing environment. Thanks to the hard work of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and its volunteers.

Chris Mitchell