Abu Dhabi Identity Crest

ABU DHABI Identity logo

Client: Brand Faith. UK

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Commissioned by Brand Faith, Chris Mitchell was briefed to help develop a brand identity crest for the Abu Dhabi Government. Chris worked in close collaboration, with Brand Faith's client who respectively wanted to directly oversea the progress of the Saker Falcon illustration. They had a clear insight in how the Saker falcon should be represented. The majestic Saker falcons are so highly prized in Abu Dhabi, the falcon had to look true to its breed. To ensure accuracy, prior to Chris's briefing a respected wild life artist was commission to provide reference pencil sketches of a Saker Falcon with its wings opened. Chris explored alternative concept crest designs before he refined the chosen design. Slight adjustment were later made to Chris's original illustration by Brand Faith, which is currently still in production. The design draws inspiration from the emirate's rich culture, histry and heritage.

On many levels I will always remember this as a fascinating project to contribute my skills to.

Chris Michell