About Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell


Chris draws on his wealth of experience gained over many years of working with the leading international design, branding and advertising houses. His natural drawing ability allowed him to master many different illustrative styles and subjects on a whole host of different assignments.

He is best known for his specialist skills in the development and execution of major illustrated brand icons and corporate identity logos for both consumer and business to business markets.

His understanding of the importance of brand equity, and his work with some of the worlds most familiar names, gives him the resource and maturity to consistently deliver brand icons that work hard for their owners year after year.

Having lived and worked in London for a good part of his career, Chris now works successfully from Chichester, West Sussex. London is 1.5 hours away by rail. The rest of the world seconds by broadband.

In 2011, Chris was elected fellowship to the Chartered Society of Designers. Chris is a full member of D&AD, British Design & Art Direction.

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